Saturday, September 6, 2008

Craft Beer... and Sargento cheese!

Beer and cheese go as well together as wine and cheese. Maybe even better. I mean come on... cheese and beer go together like milk and cookies. Think about it. What's a burger without cheese? And beer. Cheese goes on pizza. And you can't have wine with pizza... it's un-American! Cheddar cheese brats. Wine and brats? Uuuuh... no. OK, so maybe I'm taking it a bit too far, but you get my drift.

A few months back I made a guest appearance on Beer Tap TV where we discussed/tasted Belgian beers. During the session we ate some cheese along with the beers and the degree to which the tastes of both were amplified was nothing short of amazing. Ever since then I've had my loving and understanding (thank God!) wife pick up different artisan cheese to sample along side my beers. Yuum!

Well, Sargento Cheese believes in the ability of their cheeses to bring out the best in every beer. In fact, they made a video about it. Take a look see..

So there ya have it! Those sliders look goooood! Think I'll go make some. Oh wait... I don't cook. Maybe Fran will make me some. ;)

Big thanks to Bob Krause for providing this video.

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Dave said...

I really liked the look of those sliders and the Welsh Rarebit. The trick is not to watch this video when you're hungry!