Friday, June 26, 2009

Beer Wars: A Tasty New Hope, Part 4

CIGGS: Duke, I didn't come back just to say good-bye. I shouldn't tell you this, but... you're the only one I can trust.

Duke's eyes grow wide with anticipation over Ciggs' seriousness.

DUKE: What... are you talking about exactly?

CIGGS: I made some friends at the Beer Academy. (he leans in and whispers) When our frigate goes to one of the central systems, we're going to jump ship and join the Brewers Alliance.

Duke, dazed and stunned, is almost speechless. And disappointed.

DUKE: Join the Rebellion?! Are you kidding! How?

CIGGS: Quiet down will ya! You got a mouth bigger than a meteor crater!

LUKE: All the better to... never mind. I'm sorry. I'll be quiet. (he whispers) Listen how quiet I am. You can barely hear me.

Ciggs shakes his head angrily and then continues.

CIGGS: My friend has a friend who has a cousin on Beersteine who might help us make contact.

DUKE: Your crazy! You could wander around forever trying to find them.

CIGGS: I know it's a long shot, but if I don't find them I'll brew what I can on my own. It's what we always talked about. Luke, I'm not going to wait for the Empire to draft me into brewing macro-swill. The Rebellion is spreading and I want to be on the right side -- the side I believe in!

DUKE: And I'm stuck here...

CIGGS: I thought you were going to the Academy next term. You'll get your chance to get off this rock.

DUKE: Not likely! I had to cancel my application. There has been a lot of unrest among the Dirtpeople since you left...they've even raided the outskirts of Anchorhead.

CIGGS: Your uncle could hold off a whole colony of Dirtpeople with one racking cane!

DUKE: I know, but he's got enough mash tuns going to make the place pay off. He needs me for just one more season. I can't leave him now.

CIGGS: I feel for you, Luke, you're going to have to learn what seems to be important or what really is important. What good is all your uncle's work if it's taken over by the Empire? You know they're
starting to nationalize beer commerce in the central systems. It won't be long before your uncle is merely a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire.

DUKE: It couldn't happen here. You said it yourself. The Empire won't bother with this rock.

CIGGS: Things always change.

DUKE: I wish I was going...Are you going to be around long?

CIGGS: No, I'm leaving in the morning.

DUKE: Then I guess I won't see you.

CIGGS: Maybe someday. I'll keep a lookout.

DUKE: Well, I'll be at the Academy next season...after that who knows. I won't be drafted into the Imperial Brewer's Guild that's for sure. Take care of yourself. you'll always be the best friend I've got.

CIGGS: So long, Duke.

Ciggs turns away from his old friend and heads towards the power station.




Anonymous said...

Nice Post
Steven Spurrier

Eli the Mad Man said...

Thanks for reading, Steven! Much appreciated! More "episodes" are on the way. ;)

beerdrinker said...

I don't remember how I found your website but I have been reading it for 45 minutes now. now a big deal except that I am supposed to be working. Anyways - many thanks from an avid beer drinker

Eli the Mad Man said...

Thanks Beerdrinker! I really appreciate the words. Hope you didn't get busted at work! Been super busy with other beer related ventures so I've kind of neglected my personal blog. Got another Beer Wars episode coming soon though. ;)

Keep on drinking, and keep on reading! ;)