Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Real Genius

I may not like the mass produced swill they call "beer" that flows endlessly from their massive Super Wal-Mart sized breweries - edifices that dwarf some small towns (it's not their fault that most Americans have absolutely no taste) - but one thing Anheuser-Busch knows how to do is produce great ad campaigns. In particular, the Real Men of Genius radio advertisements that started back in 1999.

I give huge props to A-B for changing the name from Real American Heroes to RMoG after 9/11 because they no longer wanted to use the term "hero" in such a manner.

Like I've done with the "Funny Beer Commercial of the Week" and other beer related hilarities and parodies, I'm going to start compiling a Real Men of Genius list over on the sidebar that will let you click on and listen to (but not download, this ain't a P2P network!) as many of the ads as I can find - right from this website. At last count there were about 170 of them (give or take), with more being made all the time. This will likely take a while. That, or I'll get a cease and desist letter from A-B telling me to yank them.

Whichever... I suggest you keep coming back here - OFTEN! Ain't I sly?