Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mojo + AOL + SoCoBX = no time!

The old adage "I bit off more than I could chew" is one I'm rather familiar with of late. You'll never hear me say "I drank more beer than I could swallow," but the chewing thing... ya. At least metaphorically speaking.

So what's with all the gibberish in the title? Mojo refers to my weekly Beer Bucket List column I write for Mojo 135, which I'm having a ball with. AOL = the two video game websites (Massively and Big Download) that I write for - daily. But what the hell is SoCoBX?

Weeeeellll... that's my latest gig. Like I had nothing else to do, right? SoCoBX is a cute lil acronym I came up with for Southern Colorado Beer Examiner. As of yesterday, I'm the new SoCoBX - a place where I get to rant and rave specifically about Colorado beer. What better place to be a beer writer than in the Napa Valley of the Beer World, right?

All of that = no time to write here. At least for the moment. I'm in the midst of getting a schedule down so I get in a nice comfortable routine... a nirvana where I have time to play video games, drink beer and write about both of them! Bwaaaaaaaaahahaha!

Oh ya, and I'm working on a new website design. So if anyone out there in the great vastness of the Interweb has some mad HTML skillz they'd like to contribute -- give me a shout.

Please be patient and hang with me during this process. I promise it will be worth the wait!