Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shameless Plug Alert!

A few weeks back I was contacted by one of the editors for City Link Magazine, a weekly South Florida entertainment print mag (which also has a robust website presence called Metromix). They were putting together an all beer issue and during their research stumbled across my humble little blog of beery goodness. They asked if they could feature my blog, complete with a picture.

I literally jumped outta my beer pajamas (yes, I really do have beer PJs)! Who doesn't like a little recognition or some free publicity!?

So on March 12 their beer issue hit newsstands in South Florida, and the web version of the write up (Web Tech) hit their website.

Along with my blog the article profiles Lucy Saunder's wonderful BeerCook site and Captain Hops Beer Haiku Daily. Give the article a read when you can!