Thursday, February 5, 2009

Save Colorado Craft Beer!

The Colorado Legislature recently proposed House Bill 1192. HB1192 would allow grocery stores to sell full strength craft beers. Sound like a great idea? It's not. Please watch our PSA style video at Beer Tap TV ( it explains why this bill is bad for liquor stores, the Colorado craft beer industry, and most importantly... bad for you and the Colorado economy.

Time is running out, please act quickly and help save Colorado and Colorado brewers. Go to, find your State Senators and your Colorado House Representative and send them an email, fax or give them a phone call. Let them know you are opposed to HB1192 and you want it killed in committee next Wednesday, February 11th, before they waste any more of your tax dollars deliberating over this bill!

Have questions? You can visit Save Colorado Craft Beer ( or you can Email us at

Full disclosure: as many of you know I write about beer in many locations. When I'm not writing about beer here, or as the Southern Colorado Beer Examiner, I'm writing about at Beer Tap TV, where I'm the VP of Content & Programming.