Friday, December 7, 2007

So Say We All!

Ok, well... all 3 of you anywho. The votes are in and we have a winnah!

"Confession is good for the soul. Along with a good beer or two."

I likey. So much so that I'm toasting it with a Young's Double Chocolate Stout at this very moment. This sucker is so smooth, with just the right hint of chocolate, that you'd swear this wasn't a pint of beer. Damn that's good! And it goes perfect with the funk weather that has moved into Southern Colorado. Winter is making it's presence known with sub 30 degree temps and a bit o' snow. This after hitting 70 degrees earlier this week. SEVENTY!

I'm off. Have a great weekend and be sure to drink at least one good beer in the next 48!


What's that smell?

Speaking of "going green"...

Seriously though I stumbled across this: 5 ways to use skunked beer. Instead of tossing it down the chute, "go green" and do something beneficial (sorta) with that nasty beer. Check it out!