Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Trinity has arrived!

Well, almost!

Last night Erik Boles (Beer Tap TV) and I attended a pre-party at Trinity Brewing Company. It was a combination private party for their friends and family, and a dry run for the employees... all in lieu of their grand opening tomorrow (Friday, August 29) at 11:00 AM MST.

When Erik and I first walked into the joint it was a maelstrom of sound and activity. Almost immediately we pitched in to (minimally) help Alex and Owen (two of the construction guys who built the place) put bar stools together, set them around the place (the bar and normal bar height tables are up in front, while several couches are in the back next to the roll up warehouse door for an intimate ), and "roughed up" the cool stainless steel tables. All that last second prepping... and the place is absolutely dazzling!

Here are two video clips Erik shot and streamed to Qik that will give you the briefest of ideas on what to expect:

The beer selection is probably the best in town. Oh sure, Old Chicago's has more, but the world class beers on tap at Trinity flat out destroys anything else. This is not only a brewery, but a first-rate beer bar. New Belgium La Folie, Delirium Tremmens, Russian River Damnation and Pliny the Elder, several selections from Stone Brewing (i.e., Arrogant Bastard, 8.08.08) -- and several other beers of world class caliber are on tap right next to Trinity's own meaty batch of brew. I sampled Soul, Awaken, and Flo. All were exceptional. And the food served here is not your typical pup grub. Not by a longshot. This will be the first establishment in the Springs that pairs the food with the beer every day, not just on special "beer dinner" nights. Nothing about this place is typical.

Myself along with the guys from Beer Tap TV will be on site tomorrow (between 1:00 - 2:00 PM MST) doing a live shoot (and streaming to the Internet), getting thoughts and impressions from guests as well as interviewing the masterminds behind Trinity, Jason Yester and Todd Walton. So keep you browser locked and loaded to Beer Tap TV for this very special event!

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The Beer Babe said...

Sounds great! It's on my list for when I get out that way. Good luck!