Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Save Three Sheets!

The high definition cable channel MOJO HD will close up shop on December 1. MOJO as you know is the home of my much beloved show, Three Sheets, with "host" Pleepleus and his constant companion (and "co-host") Zane Lamprey.

But all is not lost. Not yet anways... and that's why Zane and Pleepleus need your help! It would seem the most likely place for Three Sheets to end up is over on the Travel Channel. Zane has put out a call to all 3S fans to head over to the Travel Channel forums and besiege them with posts saying how stupid it would be for them NOT to pick up and continue the global pub crawl!

According to Zane's MySpace page they've already filmed 15 episodes (with 5 more in the works) for the as yet unaired Season 4!

Zane loves his job. Fran and I love watching Zane love his job. Most of all... we love Pleepleus! Don't let this magnificent show fade away. SAVE THREE SHEETS NOW!