Monday, March 31, 2008

Coors keeps on Moonin'

Since it's Opening Day of the 2008 Major League Baseball Season, it's only fitting that Coors Brewing Company drops the news that they and the Colorado Rockies have signed a new ten-year sponsorship agreement keeping themselves as the sponsor of the defending National League champs. As part of the new agreement the “Blue Moon Brewing Company at the Sandlot” will serve as the exclusive on-site brewer of beer on the premises of Coors Field. The Sandlot is where Blue Moon was first brewed at by the way.

Fran and I go up to Coors Field a couple time a year, usually to see our San Francisco Giants (who might very well be the worst team in baseball this year). But we have a whole routine we go through. We usually go up for a Saturday game, and get there several hours before game time. We always hit Falling Rock Taphouse then mosey on over to Breckenridge Brewery. Ironically we've never actually been inside the Sandlot even though it literally is inside the ballpark. Fran even likes Blue Moon (with an orange slice, great on a hot summer day a the park), but you can get it anywhere inside the park. This year our routine will be changed up a bit. Instead of Falling Rock and Breck, we'll probably hit Wynkoop and Falling Rock.

Hey, we have to drown the sorrows of our bad team in something, right?