Thursday, April 3, 2008

Want to do a little Hulu?

Time for another Three Sheets update.

Yes, I know... two posts in one day? Bite me. I know we all have ADD, but this one will be a quicky too. Plus, I don't want ya'll to think I'm a shill for the show. Although, I'd gladly sell my alcohol-infused soul to be Zane Lamprey. Or at least his real life (non-stuffed, like Pleepleus) but no less hairy sidekick!

But I digress...

Hulu has the season 3 premiere of Three Sheets up for your viewing pleasure right now. A full week before it airs on MOJO no less!

Yes, it's embedded here as well, but it's not nearly as nice as Hulu's expandable set up. But... if you're too lazy, drunk, or hung over to click any further - I understand. Kick back and watch the hilarious hi-jinks of the Amazing Zane rightcher!

Just don't toss your cookies onto the keyboard.

Your opinion counts

To me.

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled beer session already (or should be anyway) in progress.