Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Put a hook in me... a Redhook!

Autumn is rolling in. You can smell it in the air. Summer's hot air is getting chased out of the high country faster than a beer getting drained from my pint glass.

Like many, I am a seasonal beer drinker. As the climate cools my penchant for summer beers (mostly Hefes and Wheats) dissipates. With AM temps dipping dangerously into the low 40's over the last few weeks... it's time for a change in beer! Since I'm not one to drink normal mass produced swill... it's time for something crafty. A little bit of liquid goodness would be perfect right about now.

Something like... Redhook's Late Harvest Autumn Ale.

As you know the Mad Beer Man (damn that third person) doesn't do proper beer reviews. I grunt "good" or "meh." Bad beer (unless it's skunked) is a misnomer. Every single person's palate is different, therefore what's "bad" to one person may very well be the pinnacle of beery goodness to the next. Take for instance IPAs. I cant' stand 'em. Doesn't mean they're bad, they're just not my pint o' beer.

But Redhook's autumn brew... that's a different story. This sucker pours a coppery color. If you dropped a penny in it'd vanish. It has a thick, firm head. There's absolutely no smell after being poured into a glass. It tastes malty and a lot like Autumn... as it should since that is its frakin' name. Better still, there's no aftertaste. It's the ideal brew for chomping down a burger with.

So there ya go... grab yourself some Late Harvest Autumn Ale before it disappears. It's only available through October!


Anonymous said...

I had some of the Red Hook Autumn ale and also found it to be a really nice beer for the season.

Seasonal beers are great because when they're good, it makes them that much more special if they aren't available year-round.

Eli the Mad Man said...

I love seasonals too. Although some are SO good I wish I could have them all year around. But then... it wouldn't make 'em so special, right?! Ah, such a catch 22! ;)