Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Beer is Classified: For Your Lips Only

If you've read my blog at least once you know that I'm a big fan of beer's history.  From its ancient world changing effects to the ads we all grew up with. Come on... who doesn't remember the Hamm's bear, right?

Well, I stumbled onto a website recently that scratches the beer nostalgia tickle I think we all get from time to time. 

Beer Classifieds is a website that aggregates all types of beer collectibles (bottles, cans, signs, labels, glassware, etc.) for sale on eBay and brings it into one location. Beer ads and posters going all the way back to the late19th century, cone top beer cans, aluminum bottles, authentic German steins, neon... you name it. There goal is to build it into the most popular and most well-stocked beer collectibles site on the web, and based on what I've seen... they're succeeding.

But they're not all about the selling. One article on the site that really caught my attention was Ten Great (& Not-so-great) Moments in Beer Advertising.  Who out there in the blogosphere had a Billy Beer?  I wasn't old enough to drink back then, but I  do remember collecting the beer can.  Ah... good times.

Anywho... check it out the next time you're cruising the information superhighway.  Which by the way is the only way to legally drink and "drive." 


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