Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy as a bee-r & Buckshot Boogaloo

The word "busy" is seriously overused in our society.  We've come up with all kinds of lame ass excuses as to what constitutes "busy."  Busy isn't surfing the web, playing video games, drinking beer, writing blogs, watching movies, or going out for sushi. Busy is working two jobs, raising kids, going to school... doing things that matter and/or better your life in some meaningful way.

With that said... I've been "busy."  Surfing the web, playing video games, drinking beer, writing blogs, watching a lot of baseball (the Giants kicked the crap outta the Rockies 2 out of 3 games!)... and yes, eating sushi.  But mostly I've been "busy" with the relaunch of BeerTapTV.

The new website (and new name - DrenchNetworks) launched on Monday and we've released two butt spanking new shows:  Buzzed on Sports is an irreverant sports lifestyle show where WhopTbird Jones and myself poke fun at anything and everything that encompasses sports... with a heavy dose of beer in our guts. In our first episode we drink a beer inspired by Evel Knievel while dissecting the tasing of a Pirate's fan, discuss the 'roid problem in baseball (sayonara Manny!), break down the playoff scenarios for the NHL and NBA... and a lot more!

Today we aired the first episode of What's on Tap, a weekly party with Romey and his pint slammin' sidekick Fake Dante. This week the Drunk Duo visit the Star Bar in Downtown Denver, Colorado.  They talk to the owner about what makes a great bar with great beer, sing Karaoke with a few hotties and another n00b gets owned in the open throat pint pour.

Next week we roll out another new show called "Beers With Boles"... a revamped one-man version of our old show "Taste Buds." The week after that... yet another new show we're keeping under wraps for now.  Check 'em out and let us know what you think!
So ya, I guess you could say I really am "busy."  Maybe.

Before I sign off I wanted to point you to a blogger/teacher/writer/craft beer fan/Dodger fan... Jesse Gold Gloyd (where did I get Gold from?) of the blog, Buckshot Boogaloo I know.  I'm a Giants fan. He's a Dodger fan. By the laws of nature we're supposed to hate each other. But I really like this guy's take on beer and baseball. A few weeks ago he posted a great interview he did with Brewmaster John Legnard of Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field in Denver.  Be sure to give it a read!

Until next time... Zivjeli!

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BeerClubGuide said...

I just watched the first episode of What's on Tap. Nice job! I'm looking forward to the next episode. Where you heading next? I've been to the Star Bar a couple times myself... good times.