Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oskar Blues releases Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

According to the PR release, Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado, has just released a small amount of its winter seasonal -- Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. The beer will be showing up in stores in Colorado, Southern California, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Limited amounts will reach other markets later this year.

That's pretty odd distribution if you ask me. I'll have to ask Marty Jones at Oskar's why it's so seemingly haphazard. Anywho... Ten FIDY is "an immensely rich imperial stout" that's raved about here in The Napa Valley of the Beer World and has won several honors and accolades: “Beer of the Year” by The Denver Post, “100 Rating” from, “This one puts the ‘A’ in ‘Holy Crap!’” exclcaims Beer Advocate Magazine, and “The biggest, baddest, boldest beer in a can” from Celebrator Beer News. Ya, it's good.

Verbatim from the PR sheet:

Ten FIDY is dramatically viscous and loaded with neck-deep flavors of chocolate, malt, coffee and oats. It’s the beer equivalent of a decadently rich milkshake made with malted milk balls and Heaven’s best chocolate ice cream. Ten FIDY is about 10% ABV and made with enormous amounts of two-row malts, chocolate malts, roasted barley, flaked oats and hops. Its huge-but-comforting flavors hide a hefty 98 IBUs that are deftly tucked underneath the beer’s blankets of malty goodness. The beer will retail for approximately $12 a fourpack.

Now that it's winter time here in the Rocky Mountains it's time to crack out the stouts and porters! A Ten FIDY sounds good right about now.



Angelo De Ieso II said...

Can't wait for more of the Fidy. I live in Oregon and work at a beer store in Washington. The beer is unavailable in Oregon, so we get a lot of Oregonians crossing the border to Vancouver to get it. It is a wonderful wonderful beer. Great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, too.

Eli the Mad Man said...

OOOH! I'm gonna have to try the scoop of ice cream. Great idea Angelo! Heck, I gotta try the beer first... I didn't have any last year. ;)

Thomas said...

I always refer to Ten Fidy as the beer that light forgot. It's so thick light can not penetrate it. I have a case from last year to compare over a year and made longer to see how aging goes in a can.

Thomas from Geistbear Brewing

Eli the Mad Man said...

Thomas... lucky dawg! I STILL can't find it, and we're in the same damn state as Oskar! Veeery limited for some odd reason. I need to get hold of some of this soon though.

BTW... Happy Thanksgiving all!