Thursday, October 2, 2008

For the Love of Fran's Food

Fran (my wife for those who don't know) is now part of the blog-o-sphere! That's right, after insatiably blogging about beer for the past year... I finally managed to get her into the scene. She's the Yin to my Yang. The Wino to my Beer Geek.

I don't make beer, and I don't do "proper" reviews about beer. I just drink it and write about it. What I also don't do is cook. I'm so bad I would probably burn boiling water. I can clean like a mad man (ahem), and I can BBQ adequately well... but I leave all the real cookin' to Fran.

Not only does she cook, but she cooks with beer. And let me tell you brothers and sisters of the Beerhood... she cooks like nobody's bid'ness. In fact, she's good enough to be the head chef at some restaurant (maybe the one we've always dreamed about - or was that a nightmare?). Anywho... check out her recipes, both with and without beer, at For the Love of Fran's Food.


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