Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pre Great American Beer Festival party @ Trinity!


Jason Yester and Todd Walton from Trinity Brewing Company are hosting a massive, mega, off-the-friggin-hook, pre Great American Beer Festival party next Wednesday, October 8. This pre-festival festival kicks off at 11am at the brewery on 1466 Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs.

These two guys are the rock stars of the beer world in Southern Colorado, so this is no ordinary shindig. Jason has managed to get a bunch of "one time only, wacky cool beers" from a hoary host of Colorado brewers to tap. Check out the lineup SO FAR:
  • Brewer's Bitter (TommyKnocker's)
  • Southwestern Braggot (Carvers)
  • Gordon (Oskar Blues)
  • Awaken Cask dry hopped with Oaxcan coffee and Chickory
  • Flo Cask dry hopped with wild Colorado hops aged on French oak
  • Patientia (Arctic)
  • Bourbon Stout (Rockyard)
  • Chille Ale (Shamrock)
  • Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest (Avery)
  • Ale to the Chief (Avery)
  • Imperial Red (Amica's)
  • Cranberry Saison (New Belgium)
  • Hot Shots Harvest Ale (Pump House)
  • Octoberfest (Lefthand)
Aside from the awesome beer selection expect to see traveling brewers making guest appearances as they head up to Denver for the completely sold out GABF!

This is bigger than big people... you do NOT want to miss it!


This comes straight from Jason!

Ale to the Chief. A 100% Brettanomyces beer reminiscent of a Belgian Pale, but hopped with American cascade and dry hopped. Brewer, Steve ‘The Breeze’ Breezly.

Awaken Cask (Trinity). Naturally carbonated traditional English cask of our Awaken aged/served on a cold coffee toddy and Chicory. Brewer, Jason Yester.

Bourbon Stout (Rockyard). A Large and chewy Stout aged on ‘Four Roses’ bourbon barrels. Brewer, Jim Stinson.

Brewer’s Bitter (TommyKnocker’s): Fresh hop ale, heavy fruit hop, hops added less than 24 hrs after Harvest, Brewer, Steve Indrehus

Chile Ale (Shamrock). Amber Cold toddied with locally grown ‘Mira Sol’ making a spicy and aromatic glas of beer. Brewer, Alan Stiles.

Cranberry Saison (New Belgium).

Flo IPA Cask (Trinity). Naturally carbonated and served through a hand pump. This cask was dry hopped with wild Colorado hops and aged on French oak. Brewer, Jason Yester.

Gordon (Oskar Blues). Large and chewy Double IPA. I true treat and one of the first of it’s style in Colorado. Brewer, Dave Chichura.

Hot Shots Harvest Ale (Pump House). Brewed using Amarillo Hops less than 24 hrs after harvested. Distnct notes of peach and apricot are created by those hops. Brewer, Dave Mentus.

Imperial Red (Amica’s). A scarlet colored ale with light roast notes, a huge hop aroma, and an enormous hop character! Brewer, Mike Lacroix.

Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest (Avery). Extremely Large and toasty lager with light ester undertones. Brewer, Steve ‘Breeze’ Breezley.

Octoberfest (Left Hand). Light in body, toasty, and balanced, this is a true German-Style fest beer. Brewer, Joe Schiralde.

Patientia (Arctic Brewing). Oak-aged sour beer showcasing distinct notes of caramelized pineapple produced by Brettanomyces. Brewer, John Dunfee.

Southwestern Braggot (Carvers) A unique and very fruity beer brewed with the green fruits of Prickly Pear Cactus. Brewer, Erik Maxson.


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Also- the crew from Beer Tap TV will be there, we may have a camera in hand, and we might be giving away free stuff. Guess you should show up to find out.

Erik from Beer Tap TV

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the fine folks from will be there too...

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