Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beer Tap TV is back!

Bigger! Badder! Beerier!

New forums, blogs, beer guides, calendar of upcoming events, BTTV meet ups, and more importantly... more shows. Right now there are 4, with more to come. What are you waiting for... check it out!

Taste Buds is the retooled original with Erik and Dusty throwing back brews and giving their own personal spin on 'em. It's the show that takes your taste buds on an adventure!

The Brewmaster Chronicles takes you behind the scenes... WAAAAY behind the scenes. We'll sit down with Brewmasters and Head Brewers from craft breweries all over the world and see what makes them -- and their brews -- tick. One is in the can, as we talked with Jason Yester of Trinity Brewing. Look for it soon.

Tapping the Keg is a show that features brewery openings as well as new (or annual) beer release parties. We've already shot two shows, one at the Trinity Brewing Company opening, and the second at Bristol's Winter Warlock release party. Look for them to appear shortly.

Beer Buzz is a weekly show that keeps you informed on all the wild and wacky things going on in the beer world, from the noteworthy to the nutty. Episode 001 is below. Erik and I taped Episode 002 last night and should air tomorrow.

Come join us!


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