Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Suds

What's this -- a Sunday post?! Has hell frozen over? Have the macro-brewers learned the error of their mass produced crap beer ways and just given up? Uh... no. But tomorrow is an extra day off, and right now I need to rest after the long day spent outside in the yard doing things that should have been done weeks ago.

Which means we in fact did not go to the Beaver Creek Blues and Brews fest as originally planned. Fran and I woke up Saturday morning and realized that we were just too tired to get up and go drinking -- again. Plus, there was the little fact that when we called to cancel our reservations, it was snowing in Avon. Snowing. On Memorial Day Weekend.

And why were we too tired to go to a festival of fun and frivolity that also included three of my most favorite things in all the world (blues, brews and BBQ)? Because our Northern California vacation was nothing short of a week long bender. A human body can only consume so much beer. Plus, my taste buds felt like they were dragged over a field of dead, dry hops. Enough is enough. Besides, we're having a get together today... to drink beer. So not all is lost to yard work!

Vacations are a duel edged sword. It's all fun in the sun while you're there, but when you get back you wish you hadn't left in the first place. Hell, I already need a vacation from the vacation, and I've only been back (to work) a few days. Speaking of... I'm going to be heavily inundated with my mortgage paying "day job" through next week, but I wanted to hoist a few beers thoughts up here just to let you know I'm still alive.

Here are the breweries, wineries, and beer bars we actually hit during our drinkstorming adventure through Northern California:

Wednesday the 14th
Toronado Pub (the next place I'll be writing about on The Beer Bucket List)
21st Amendment Brewery

Friday the 16th
Sterling Vineyards
August Briggs Winery
Cuvaison Winery
Silverado Brewing Company
Calistoga Inn (which houses Napa Valley Brewing)
Hydro Bar & Grill

Sunday the 18th
Russian River Brewing Company

Tuesday the 20th
Mac & Jack's inside the Seattle-Tacoma Airport on the way home

Needles to say, lots of drinking was done. However, I do have detailed notes on most of these places, so expect a series of write-ups. Hopefully.

Oh, and it looks like I might have another beer writing gig or two lined up. More on those as (if) they solidify. Don't wanna jinx anything ya know! ;) And I thought I was busy before. HA!

Hop(e) everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. What's left of it anyway. So drink heartily... but drink responsibly.


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