Monday, May 26, 2008

Beer Tap TV

What's better than watching TV while drinking a good craft beer? Watching TV about good craft beer while drinking a good craft beer!

Apparently Erik Boles and Dusty Frazier had that same idea, cuz they're the creators and hosts of the new internet television show Beer Tap TV.

According to the website Beer Tap TV is more than just a drinking show. After watching the first episode I agree. Erik and Dusty have good on camera chemistry and they chat up Colorado brews (Bristol's Red Rocket and Breckenridge's Avalanche Ale) in a way that will make even beer geek noobs want to tune in. They "edumicate" viewers (myself included) as they articulate the finer points of craft beery goodness.

Iroincially, neither of the beers they discuss (and taste) are ones I personally care for, but hey... different strokes for different folks. That's why there are so many breweries making so many beers. Successfully. The craft beer industry done blowed up people!

Embedded below is the first episode, but do yourself a favor and get on over to their website, register, and become a part of the BeerTap community that Erik and Dusty hold as dearly as they do a pint of fine craft beer. The show is for the people and they want to hear from the people. So go!

P.S. Look for me on an upcoming episode. ;)

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