Friday, April 4, 2008

Beertastic TGIF Roundup!

That's right, it's time once again for a week's worth o' beery goodness! In this week's thrilling episode see a golfer pray to St. Arnold; a CBE (Chief Beer Officer) look for a guinne pig, er... intern; and who's the fool who follows the fool!?


Normally I wouldn't talk about golf or golfers in this slice of web-heaven (or any other place for that matter). It's one of those non-sports that I just love to get people worked up about (see this thread on the Aleuminati) . But Roland Thatcher is obviously a different breed of PGA golfer. In what amounts to an unpresedented sponsorship deal (one that involves zero money), Thatcher wears a logo of the St. Arnold Brewing Company on his shirt while walking to retrieve his dimply, white ball in exchange for - here's the good part - all the FREE BEER he can drink!

ESPN called it "...the most unique sponsorship deal in professional golf." Ya think?

Where do I sign up for a sponsorship deal like that? Hell, I'd tattoo ole St. Arnold on my BLEEP for free friggin beer from those guys!


Think you got what it takes to be the Chief Beer Officer for the Four Points by Sheraton?

You don't. But you can learn by being Scott Kerkmans very own Bierbitzch. I mean his intern. If you recall I rambled about Scott's dream job back in January (he's had it for almost a year now though). Well, the job is so time consuming and overwhelming that he's put out a call for assistance. I'd go, but I already have way too much in my mug at the moment.

So if you're over 21 and have a love for lager this might be your moment to shine. The search is on (it officailly begun on March 26th), but don't think it's all fun and suds. Oh sure, yo uget to suck down vat fulls of great brew (not that mass produced swill the unwashed masses drink), but you will also be learning what's what of the Four Points by Sheraton Best Brews program as well as the expanding craft beer industry and beer business. Since this is an internship... you don't get paid and the position starts in June and comes to sad end in August.


The Calgary Sun pulled the hops over reader''s eyes on April 1. How? They ran an 'ad' on page 7 of the April 1st edition that promised readers a free sample of a new beer from Big Rock Brewery called Hyde. The catch? They had to clip out a special beer square on the page, drop it into water, refrigerate and enjoy.


Some people actually fell for it. However, in a move that somewhat reaffirms my faith in humans, a few of the more intelligent, creative types turned the tables on the Sun and sent in reviews of the beer. Touche!

Finally... if you're in our neck of the woods on Monday night, April 7, come on down to Phantom Canyon where we'll be celebrating "75 Years of Beer" (and my birthday)!

Have a great weekend... and Zivjeli!

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