Friday, January 25, 2008

Drinking at a Mile High

And we're off with another TGIB (Thank God It's Beerday) Nuggets 'o News Friday Edition!

So I've decided that I definitely want Scott Kerkman's job. Why? He's a Chief Beer Officer. Seriously. It might sound like a frat title, but Scott works for Four Points by Sheraton to run their Best Brews program. Basically he gets paid to jet off to Germany’s Oktoberfest, Denver's Great American Beer Festival, and other fests around the globe. He also gets to go on frequent V.I.P. tours of local breweries. Oh, and he receives a case of free beer to sample each month.

Aside from Zane Lamprey (host of Mojo's Three Sheets) , Scott has the best job in all the world.

But it's not all fun and games... oh hell, yes it is! Scott goes around and educates the bartenders at the chain’s 125 hotels to become "beer ambassadors." Additionally, he makes beer selections, writes up training manuals for the bar staff, and travels (again with the traveling!) to all the other Four Points hotels across the country to host happy hours. Basically, to drink till you drop.


Speaking of drinking till you drop...

Earlier this year Colorado claimed the #1 spot for overall beer production. To go along with that prestigious award, we can now add this not so prestigious honor - the #1 (Denver) and #3 (Colorado Springs) spots in Men's Health Magazine's Top 10 Dangerously Drunk Cities in America. I guess the two go together though, right? Ugh.

I need a beer.


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