Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Three Sheets NYC Pub Crawl

I'm a big fan of the Mojo HD show Three Sheets. The hilarious Zane Lamprey, perhaps the greatest host the world has ever seen, zips around the globe sucking down suds and booze in every port. Truly, a worldwide pub crawl. Oh what I wouldn't do for a gig like his!

But did you know there's a new episode?!? I didn't until my buddy Steven dropped the 411 on me. In this one-hour special Zane comes back to the good ole USA and bounces around New York City for a New Year's Eve pub crawl. In case you missed it the first time (like I did), Mojo has rebroadcast it several times (with more to be aired, check the schedule), but if you like you can watch the entire episode online. What's more, you can inspect and print off the actual pub route that Zane takes through NYC by going here. Very cool!

My favorite place was the Burp Castle. Anyone who watches the show regularly knows what you must do when you burp (it's a real drinking game). I like it so much that I've included it on the list of bars one must visit before they die. Here is how Zane describes the Castle: Say excuse me, wipe your feet, and come on in to the Burp Castle–The name says it all. Hidden behind a group of aggressive shrubbery and a shabby white fence, the monastery-styled bar describes itself as a “temple of beer worship.” Sporting a drink menu of 12 draft beers imported from Belgium, Germany and Britain, this popular abbey themed pub captures the quirky medieval style while maintaining its modern twist.

Oh yes... one other thing. Want to party with Zane? Cuz my wife and I sure as hell do! Well, now you can - but it'll cost you. Check out the official "Zane Crawl" website for all the details. The site doesn't officially launch until tomorrow, but you can get some of the facts ahead of time.

Until next time... Zivjeli!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the beer was that he tried at the Delirium Cafe that they wouldn't show the label for? It was 11.5 % and either a Trappest or and Abbey beer?


Eli the Mad Man said...

Not off the top of my head, but luckily they are reshowing that very episode over the next few weeks. Here are the air dates: January 31 11:30PM ET, February 1 2:30AM ET, and
February 16 3:00AM ET.

Let me know what it is won't you?! The big 2010 trip to Oktoberfest is going to include a jaunt through Belgium to the Delirium Cafe!

Anonymous said...

Was surfing around for Three Sheets Fans and stumbled on your site.

Just wanted to share with you that there is a Three Sheets Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day.

We created this e-card with all the info, a drinking quiz and a content to go to the Sold-Out NYC pubcrawl.

Would be awesome if you would share with your readers…you can embed video also. Feel free to reach out to me with any question.


Unknown said...

Just discovered this show via hulu and I've been watching through the episodes there. Unfortunately they do not have the NYC bar crawl and it looks like Mojo took the episode down. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Eli the Mad Man said...

You're absolutely right, Jesse. I think I know why. Season 2 was released not long ago on DVD and they include the NYC Pub Crawl along with all the internet snippets. I'd bet the only place to find it now is on that second disc included with Season 2.

Anonymous said...

rip off!!!! "uncle sam is a cheap bastard. Not welcome at the most of the bars he is crawling!!!! Uncle Sam, take the photos of your website

JB in San Diego said...

I'm sure the unlabeled beer was Westvleteren Abt 12.