Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eighth Annual Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival

If you're not doing anything this weekend (January 10 - 12, 2008) - the shenanigans actually kick off tonight - and are a fan of the three B's (Big, Belgian and Barleywine) then you might want to head up to Vail, Colorado, and check out the 8th annual BIG Beer Festival.

This has turned into a rather hifalutin affair over the years. Well, as hifalutin as craft beer fests get that is. This year they have some serious heavyweight guests in attendance, including:
Over the next three days there's a brewmaster's dinner, a homebrew competition, seminars and a tasting event. Damn I wish I could go! Wish I knew about it sooner. Or remembered it. Whatever. At 40 I can't remember which - DOH!

For all the details (and there are quite a few), check out the website. If you do go, be sure to drop a few comments here (and photos if you have 'em) and let me know how it was.

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