Monday, January 28, 2008

Bud aims to drown Super Bowl

According to a recent AP report by Seth Sutel, the conglomerate that is Anheuser-Busch is dropping 7 ads for their "beer" during Super Bowl XLII. Six of them will focus on the craptacular swill that is Bud Light, while one features the good ole Budweiser Clydesdale's. Sadly it's not a new one showing the massive horses playing football (i.e., with a zebra as the ref or streaking sheep). Good stuff! Although their product may not be real beer, their ads are the best!

A 30-second ad will cost a whopping $2.7 MEEEEEELLION this year. That's gonna set them back $18.9 for 3 1/2 minutes of advertising time. Someone's getting shafted.

According to Bob Lachky (executive vice president for global industry and creative development) two of the Bud Light ads will rely on "rug-pull" gags involving special powers that the beer supposedly endows on drinkers. One spot shows people breathing fire (which of course goes terribly wrong during a date), while another gives X-ray vision (something a woman wishes she didn't suddenly have).

Other Bud Light spots include a humorous look at some cavemen who stumble upon a useful discovery — the wheel — when they need a way to get their cooler made of stone to a party. Another depicts a clever way that a guy attending a wine and cheese party still gets to enjoy his beer. The Clydesdale spot spotlights a horse that didn't make the final cut to join the team and took a year to train — with a Dalmatian.

I'm sure they'll all be funny and once again the highlight of the Super (Boring) Bowl.


Perry de Havilland said...

Bud is usually what Brits have in mind with the following joke: Why is American Beer like sex in a canoe? because it is f*cking close to water"

In truth there are some superb US beers, Bud just ain't one of them

Eli the Mad Man said...

Hahaha! Yes indeed! No true Beer Geek would ever consider Bud (or Coors, Miller, PBR, etc. macro-brewed beer) "real beer." It's craft micro-brew or nothing at all! ;)