Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Three Sheets to a Beer Nut

I have a new "favorite" show and its name is Three Sheets (not Beer Nutz as one might expect). Both shows can be found on Mojo, 100% hi-def channel that presents all of its content in the highest quality 1080i picture and 5.1 surround sound.

Three Sheets follows comedian Zane Lamprey as he traverses the globe on an international drinking tour to master the local drinking customs. The world's biggest pub crawl indeed! I'd tell you more about Beer Nutz, but I can't seem to find any information about it anywhere on Mojo's own website. I've heard from fellow BeerAdvocates that it has been canned. Not a shock considering...

I've watched one episode of Beer Nutz (Portland), and two episodes of Three Sheets (Ireland and Mexico). Three Sheets is by far the funnier of the two shows, and actually very informative. Granted, it's not always about beer, but still... I found the whole process of how tequila is made (as shown in the Mexico episode) to be very fascinating. I had no clue! The tidbits that Zane (funniest host with the best paying gig EVER) throws out (did you know that the optimum drinking time after the first pour of a Guinness is 119.5 seconds according to Guinness; and did you know there should actually be two pours when dispensing this dark, thick stout?), the way the show is produced and edited - outstanding! Funny, irreverent, informative... what more can you ask?!

Beer Nutz on the other hand... both of the hosts should be hogtied and dropped in a mash tun. They're both complete dorks with zero sense of comedic timing and even less knowledge of (or interest in) craft beer. These two are the LAST guys they should have hosting the show, and probably the reason it got canned. Sad because this show had SO much potential! They go to very cool breweries and interview the legends of the industry, but... the hosts simply don't care, and they have this gawd-awful review system wherein they judge who the biggest "beer nut" is in the town the visit by awarding them a number between 1 and 5 - kegs. DOH!

I wonder if a letter writing campaign from the legion of craft brew fans out there could generate some buzz to bring it back... with new hosts. Who's with me!?

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