Monday, July 16, 2007

Beer Nutz!

So I was channel surfing last night (after finally getting around to watching the History Channel's Star Wars Tech show that aired way back on May 28th) and came across a show on the INHD Channel called "Beer Nutz." Apparently this is (or was) a series about beer that I've never seen or even heard about before. The episode I DVRed (and havent' watched yet) last night featured McMenamins brewery up in Oregon, where Fran and I were just at.

After doing some research, I discovered that Season 1 is being released on DVD on July 24th. But I can't find any recent info on this show, or whether it's even still on the air. There's a couple of threads over on about it, but again - nothing recent. If anyone has any more info on this show, let me know. I'm gonna track down this DVD the second it drops and let ya'll know how it is.

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