Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get fat on beer and food on Fat Tuesday!

What would you do if I told you there was a place on this earth where you can go every Tuesday night and drink unlimited craft beer and food for a measly $15?

You'd be there like Ashley Dupré on Eliot Spitzer every damn Tuesday night, right?!

Well, there is. And if you live in or around Manhattan then you're a lucky bastich because it's in your backyard. If you don't live in the area, but are rich and have a private jet... you're a lucky bastich. If you're like the Average Joe though (poor and own a Fiat) and live nowhere close... you're outta luck. So Manhattan Beer Lovers... take advantage of this Willy Wonka-esque treat, hail a cab and get your butt down to Maxie's Grill!

This is a crazy deal! Every Tuesday starting tonight (which happens to be Fat Tuesday for those living in a cave), from 6:00pm-8:00pm, Maxie's will be offering UNLIMITED BEER AND FOOD... for just $15.

Oh, but it's not mass produced swill they're serving. Week 1 (again, tonight) will include the three beers from the new Samuel Adams Imperial Series (Imperial Stout, Imperial White, and an amped up version of their Double Bock).

Hey all you Big Apple readers out there... let me know how this weekly shindig goes.

UPDATE: Breaking News... this just in! This will not be a weekly tasting as originally publicized. This will be MONTHLY. The next tasting will be on St. Patty's Day.

The Details: Maxie's Bar & Grill, 233 Park Avenue South (Entrance on 19th Street), New York, NY, 212.979.7800

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Anonymous said...

Yes, like Ashley Dupré on Eliot Spitzer, I will be there. Half-heartedly and solely for the money.