Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Flying Dog's bark is as bad as its bite

I've forgiven Flying Dog for pulling up stakes here in Colorado a year ago and moving everything to its modern, cutting edge facility in Maryland. Their CO location was old and needed some serious renovations. One of the "fun" things that the Frederick, MD, facility afforded that the CO plant didn't was the ability to put brew in different sized bottles.

Given that... Flying Dog Brewery is introducing their Canis Major Mixed 8-pack in puppy sized 7-ounce bottles. The Canis Major line consists of: Gonzo Imperial Porter, Horn Dog Barley Wine, Double Dog Double Pale Ale, Kerberos Tripel. All four are high-gravity beers with a serious bite to them. Gonzo is a "mild" 7.8% ABV, Kerberos sits at 8.5%, Horn Dog wags your tale with a hefty 10.2%, and the Double Dog will claw your eyes out at a whopping 11.5%. Needless to say, you may not want (and certainly don't need) to drink a full 12-ounces of these beers to get to a state of tail chasing.

Who let the dogs out!?

The mixed 8-pack comes with two of each of these Canis Major style and is now available at better beer stores. If they're not, tell your favorite retailer to get them ASAP or you'll sick Michael Vick's pooches on him.


Anonymous said...

AAAACK! Not Forgiven!!! Maryland? NO!

Eli the Mad Man said...

Hahaha... I feel your pain man. But ya know, we can still get their brew out here in CO, and they still have their corporate HQ in Denver, and they still keep CO in the loop on things. Plus we get these nifty new 8-pack 7 ounce bottles. All in all... not a bad trade! ;)

Anonymous said...

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