Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your opinion counts

To me.

I need your advice. I'm thinking about changing my nickname. Over on the sidebar you'll find a poll where I've given you three options to choose from. It'll take 2 seconds of your time. So please..."Rock the Vote!"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled beer session already (or should be anyway) in progress.


Unknown said...

It all depends ... are you, by chance, Baptist? ;)

Eli the Mad Man said...

Hahaha! Well, I'm not a "Baptist," but I am a card carrying Beer Church Minister! And I thought hey... I got the whole "Confessions" thing going, my biz card has a cross on it with a glass of beer high above the clouds... it fit. ;)

Dave said...

I like "Beer Evangelist" better than Beer Baptist - but that's just me. As the recent blog articles came out about the word Beer Geek getting old, I say if you need to find another name - go with what you feel fits best.

Eli the Mad Man said...

Chipper, I like that! Hmmm.... might have to change up the poll!

If anyone else has any suggestions, bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

Well Sweetie - Looks like so far I am the only one voting for the Beer Baptizer - it fits - each beer ya drink gets baptized by the Mad Beer Man lips!!!!