Friday, November 28, 2008

Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package

Were you one of those really "dedicated" (aka crazy) Christmas shoppers waiting in line this morning... just raring to run over anyone who got in your way for that supercallafragalisticlly priced "Black Friday" gift?

Well... hope ya had fun. If you're a beer geek, or looking for a sweet gift for a beer geek in your life... you didn't have to get up early. If fact, you didn't even have to leave the house.

WTF?! How is that possible?!

Introducing the “Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package”

All day today (Black Friday, November 28) Flying Dog Brewery is giving everyone 33% off at their online store (! Shop their site leisurely from the comfy confines of your home, suckin' down some morning after java in your PJs. When you're ready to check out use the discount code BEERDRINKERBAILOUT and you'll save 1/3 on everything from pint glass sets to T-shirts to cute women’s hoodies. Beer is not included 'cuz it’s completely illegal, but every other bit o' Flying Dog swag is eligible!


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