Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mojo + AOL + SoCoBX = no time!

The old adage "I bit off more than I could chew" is one I'm rather familiar with of late. You'll never hear me say "I drank more beer than I could swallow," but the chewing thing... ya. At least metaphorically speaking.

So what's with all the gibberish in the title? Mojo refers to my weekly Beer Bucket List column I write for Mojo 135, which I'm having a ball with. AOL = the two video game websites (Massively and Big Download) that I write for - daily. But what the hell is SoCoBX?

Weeeeellll... that's my latest gig. Like I had nothing else to do, right? SoCoBX is a cute lil acronym I came up with for Southern Colorado Beer Examiner. As of yesterday, I'm the new SoCoBX - a place where I get to rant and rave specifically about Colorado beer. What better place to be a beer writer than in the Napa Valley of the Beer World, right?

All of that = no time to write here. At least for the moment. I'm in the midst of getting a schedule down so I get in a nice comfortable routine... a nirvana where I have time to play video games, drink beer and write about both of them! Bwaaaaaaaaahahaha!

Oh ya, and I'm working on a new website design. So if anyone out there in the great vastness of the Interweb has some mad HTML skillz they'd like to contribute -- give me a shout.

Please be patient and hang with me during this process. I promise it will be worth the wait!

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Dave said...

Glad you got set up quickly on Examiner.com. I'm still waiting for Ernie to get mine set up. Sent him my profile and pic last night.

Nice first article by the way. I know what you mean by getting busy with many things. My wife is worried that I'll be on the road too much just to write my stories. Gonna have to pace ourselves. Hope to be all hooked up on examiner by tonight. Will try to post my 1st one in the next day. We should coordinate who's covering what so we don't double up on same topics.