Friday, May 9, 2008

TGIF BeeRoundup Cavalcade of suds!

A man with a plan: Bury me in a beer can!

Bill Bramanti, a 67-year-old South Chicago Heights man, loves him some PBR. So much so that he ordered a custom-made beer can casket to show his undying love... which he will take into the hereafter.

He doesn't plan on needing it anytime soon, but using it? Hell yes! Last weekend he threw a party to show it off and filled the sucker with ice and 15 cases of his favorite brew. Bramanti bought the custom casket from Panozzo Bros. Funeral Home in Chicago Heights, while Scott Sign Co. designed the beer can.

"Why put such a great novelty piece up on a shelf in storage when you could use it only the way Bill Bramanti would use it?" said Cathy Bramanti (his daughter).

Now there's a man after my own heart... and guess what I'm gonna be buried in when it's time for the very "Last Call"?! OOOOH YAAA!


Beer Cocktails and Mixers are making a comeback.

According to an article in am New York, beer cocktails are making a comeback.

Karyn Seltzer is the general manager for Telephone Bar & Grill, an English pub in the East Village which specializes in beer cocktails. She says: "Now there are lots of breweries and people are becoming beer connoisseurs, and looking at beer similarly to wine." Amen sister.

In fact, they've been serving "beer cocktails" for 20 years. Try these bad boys on for size:
  • Black Velvet: made from Guinness and champagne
  • Shandy: a mixture of ale or lager with 7-Up
  • Snakebite: lager and cider with black-currant ribena (syrup)
  • Telephone Lager and Lime: light lager and key lime juice
On a recent sojourn to Edelweiss (our fave German restaurant here in Colorado Springs), they too had several beer mixers available, such as Pilsner and Coke (or Sprite), and Erdinger Hefe with Coke. I know, it sounds horrid, but they're fantastic! Give 'em a try next time you see them.


Obama woes blue collars with brew.

According to a report from -- of all places -- the Telegraph in Great Britain, Barack Obama "may have found the answer to his troubles in a place familiar to millions of Americans: the pub." So that's how the Brits think of us , huh? ;)

Apparently aware that blue collar voters saw him as "uppity" following his remarks about “bitter” small town Americans, Obama recently visited three pubs in Indiana and North Carolina in order to "boost his credibility with the working class."

A few day ago Obama visited the Raleigh Times Bar and found himself momentarily beerless. "Where's my beer?" he asked.

Point for Obama in my book. After doing some research about the RT Bar, they have some serious kick ass beers! Check out their beer menu... it's jam packed with beery greatness! I'm adding this to the list of bars we need to check out some day!

But what does ole Obi-wan-Obama reach for? "PBR," he said, choosing Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Oh, but it gets worse. While in Pennsylvania last week he was seen drinking Yuengling, America's "oldest brewery." They make some great beers mind you, but this is where my admiration for him waned. He double-checked the name of the beer to make sure it wasn't "some designer beer or something".

Point lost Mr. Obama.

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