Saturday, May 3, 2008

4th Annual Brew Ha Ha!

Like beer? Like to laugh? If you said "no" to either one... sorry for you. Life must really suck for you, huh?

For everyone else though... Canon City (not "Canyon" as I had it originally; that's what happens when you fly without an editor!) is having their 4th annual Brew Ha Ha on Saturday, May 10, from 3:00 - 6:00 pm in Veteran's Park (3rd St. & Highway 50). There will be more than 20 of the state's top brewers (and a pair of national brewers). Here's a list of who will be serving up the brew:
  • Alaskan Brewing (Juneau, AK)
  • Amica’s (Salida) – Brewer Mike LaCroix
  • Arctic Craft Brewery (Colorado Springs) – Brewer John Dunfee
  • Big Sky Brewing (Missoula, MT)
  • Bristol Brewing (Colorado Springs) – Brewer Jason Yester
  • Carver Brewing Company (Durango) - Brewer Ken Andrews
  • Durango Brewing Co. - Scott Bickert
  • Flying Dog - (Denver) - Stephanie Kerchner
  • Great Divide Brewing (Denver) - Mary Valles
  • Gunnison Brewery (Gunnison) – Assistant Brewer Keith
  • Left Hand Brewery (Longmont) – Josh Breckel
  • McClellan’s Grill & Brewing (Cañon City) – Brewer Jeff Lockhart & Owner Joe McClellan
  • New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins) – Travis Flett
  • Odell Brewing (Fort Collins) - Kirk Simpson
  • Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons) - Katie Jones
  • Rock Bottom Brewery (Colorado Springs) - Head Brewer Jason Leeman
  • San Luis Valley Brewery (Monte Vista) - Brewer Angie Graber
  • Shamrock Brewery (Pueblo) - Brewer Alan Styles
  • Ska Brewing (Durango) – Arlo Gramatica
  • Trinidad Brewing Company (Trinidad) - Brewer Jeff Aragon
That's one helluva major league lineup people!

Along with the free flowing brew some top-notch stand-up comedians will be on stage to make folks laugh -- Gretchen Hess, Bob Meddles, Frank Schuchat and Gina Trammell!

And here's where it really gets good... at 6 p.m. the Atomic Fireballs, featuring Carlos Crull and Johnny Watson, will be playing everything from blues, jump and swing music to jazz and country! Oh, but it gets better! Texas blues guitarist Buddy Whittington will be joining the Fireballs! And who is Buddy Whittington ? Oh, only the "Godfather of the British Blues." He's been the lead guitarist for John Mayall's band (the Bluesbreakers, a band that the legendary Eric Clapton once played with) for the past 14 years!

Brews and Blues? Oh hell... I'm so there!


Anonymous said...

You're not in Minnesota anymore! We use the Spanish spelling for Canyon alot here in Colorado. That is, NO "Y". And people wonder why Coloradoan's don't want more immigration here!

Dave said...

Too bad that I was going through that area 1 day earlier else I'd stop at the Brew Ha Ha. My daughter goes to college in Gunnison and Canon City isn't really that far away, but I'm taking the back route from Denver to Gunnison and won't come close to taking a detour there. Ah well. I'm shooting for the Sunday Fort Collins Brewers Festival on June 29th. Hope to be back from Idaho in time to make that one. The brew fest in Estes Park is also coming up in early June - will try for that one as well.

Eli the Mad Man said...

Got me! And it was on the poster no less! DOH!

However, it never ceases to amaze me how brazen people get when they have anonymity covering their asses.

By the way... Minnesota? I'm from California. Did you not bother to read any of my other posts? Just wanted to harp on the negative, huh? Or maybe you were you just trying to be "witty."

Well, whatever the case... it failed. Miserably.

Anonymous said...

Canon City Brew Ha Ha.

Well, for a small town it is a good event. You may want to bring a chair since most of the seating is taken up by locals. They could be bigger if the committee had better PR Department.