Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coloradans Rejoice!

Those of us who live in Colorado and drink alcohol can commence the celebration. It appears that liquor, wine and beer will finally start being sold on Sunday's. Starting July 1 we'll at long last be able to walk into a liquor store on a Sunday and purchase our favorite adult beverage.

This might not be a big deal to folks in other parts of the country, but since 1933 (the year Prohibition ended) folks living in Colorado have not been able to buy "devil water" in any form on a Sunday. You can't buy a friggin' car on Sunday's here either.

Don't ask.

Thankfully, one more outdated, ill-conceived, moronic law from a bygone era (Prohibition did not work, it only made things worse) goes the way of the dodo bird.

Ironically, the measure was debated on the House floor on Monday - St. Patrick's Day. It's headed to Governor Bill Ritter's desk where it's expected to be signed post haste. That irony was not lost on House leadership as they joked about the timing of the debate.

The measure was initially supposed to go into effect on November 1, but legislature decided to bump it up to July 1 in order to capitalize on the 4th of July holiday. Again, common sense. However one person - Rep. Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs - doesn't seem to possess this particular mental faculty. I'm not being mean. This isn't the first time this local-yocal has opened mouth and inserted foot (when he's not kicking someone with it). Thankfully, the House quickly rejected his proposal and told him to go back and sit in the corner.

So enjoy moving - in part anyway - into the 21st century Colorado!


Deege said...

Wow! What a great picture to go with that post! It fits perfectly! Did you take it?

Dave said...

Amen brother! Bout time they got around to moving into the 21st century! Don't know how many times I've been without a beer on Sunday and simply had to wait until Monday to hit the store.

Eli the Mad Man said...

What up fellow Aleums!

Chipper... bout freakin time! Same thing has happened to me as well, so this is great news.

Deege... nope, I found that picture some time ago. No clue who actually took it. I use it on my business cards and it always gets the same response. Which is the same one I had when I first saw it. So huge props to the person who originaly took this shot!