Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Flying Saucers, Stupid People and Bad Beer

Just got back from our Nashville trip, so I'm playing catch up at work. However, the sojourn to the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium was nothing short of mind (and palette) blowing. With over 175 beers available (when we were there), this is what a beer bar should be! I'll have a full write up on my visit in a day or two, but for now... check out this nugget:

A female driver in St. Augustine, Florida, was arrested for having a 24-pack of Busch beer strapped into her daughter's car seat. Now, I can understand the fury of the officer upon seeing craptacular beer like Busch being handled with such reverence. Busch beer? I think I'd rather drink my own piss (like Bear Grylls did in the Australian outback episode of Man vs. Wild) . It probably has a higher ABV and more taste than Busch beer. Anywho... the worst part? This numnut had her 16-month old daughter in the car with the Busch beer. Unrestrained. Busch beer strapped in the baby seat... baby not. Wow.

What happened to priorities people? What happened to... taste?! I have the answer.

Join the Aleuminati and find out for yourself.

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