Friday, January 18, 2008

Mapping your way to Beer Heaven!

For those of us who live here in the great Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, having an "Emergency Kit" in the car during winter is a necessity. You just never know when a freak snow storm is going to blow in and gobble your car. They're kinda like Britney when she gets around alcohol. But I digress...

A new beer related product just hit the stands that you'll most certainly want to add to that "Emergency Kit." Say you're tooling around the high country taking in all of it's purple majesty. It's around noonish and you're mouth feels like the underside of a lizard's belly. It's a parch that only a great microbrew will quench. And Colorado doesn't lack in exquisite brews. But where to stop for a cold one? Well, if you had one of the new Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Maps you'd know exactly where to stop!

Say what? A map that has the locations of all the breweries?!

Oh yes my fellow beer confessors... but it has soooo much more. This 36 x 48 inch, full color, two sided map includes locations and information for all of the 100+ brewery's in the state. The back-side has a close-up inset of South Denver to Fort Collins - what I like to call "Beer Alley" due to the numerous breweries in the area. But there's more! Additional info is included for ski resorts, 14ers, historic taverns, driving distances, and state & national parks. BUT WAIT! These bad boys are available in a few forms: flat and rolled for shipping, or folded to fit in your pocket or glovebox (both available for $12.95). There's even a special laminated version suitable for hanging ($29.95).

I know!

So what are you still doing here hop head? GET A MOVE ON! Clickety-click on over to their website and order a few for yourself (cuz you know you're gonna spill that luscious elixir on it at some point and who can afford to be WITHOUT one of these "treasure maps"?). While you're at it, order one for everyone you might deem beer worthy.

See ya on the open road (but always drink responsibly)!

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