Friday, February 20, 2009

Make St. Patrick's Day an Official Holiday!

Nope, I'm not Irish, but damn if I don't love this idea!

Hey, if Hallmark can have their Valentine's Day (a self-loathing, worthless, greed driven "holiday" if there ever was one), why can't Guinness have St. Patty's Day?

Ya, that's what I thought. So unite with Guinness, sign Proposition 3-17, and help make it a holiday!

Proposition 3-17 was started last year by Guinness to make St. Patrick's Day an official holiday in the United States. This year they're continuing their pursuit of this "noble" cause. While they gained a lot of support (yes, I signed last year too) they still need one million signatures. So I'm asking all of you beer loving folks out there on the Interwebs to support Proposition 3-17. Who doesn't want to make history, right?



Thomas said...

Or shallow way to advertise their product for St Patricks day?

Eli the Mad Man said...


But no more shallow then Hallmark turning V-day into a "buy your loved one something to show you love them... including a $5 card." No more then turning Easter into some bizarre holiday about eggs and bunnies. No more shallow then turning Christmas into the bastardized economic weight of the world stimulus that it's been turned into (advertising for it BEFORE Halloween... really?!?!).

No more shallow then EVERY other so called "holiday" we have in the States.