Friday, January 23, 2009

Zane Patrick's Day

As many of you know I have a fondness for Zane Lamprey and his show Three Sheets. Well, ole Zane may currently be networkless, but he's tirelessly filming the rest of season 4 of TS anyway, hoping that some forward thinking network will in fact pick up the show. He's also been rather busy with sundry projects, like the Save Three Sheets campaign and Zane Year's Eve. Now he has Zane Patrick's Day...


Zane Patrick's Day is not to be confused with St.Patrick's Day. Sure, they both pay homage to Ireland and it's culture. Yes, they do both involve a "fair amount" of drinking. Yes, both of them stoop to the level of celebrating gimmicky green beer. And they both involve singing Irish songs, dancing and good times.

And then there are the differences. One of us is not a Saint. As many of you know Sainthood requires that you perform THREE miracles. I have only accomplished two... Firstly, I was always told that I would never get anywhere drinking and being a wiseass. So, getting paid to host a show where I do just that, is miracle number one. The second miracle is actually keeping said job. To actually get the job was one thing, but to do a good enough job whereby you actually watch it, that's definitely miracle number two. So, one more miracle to go before the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day is called St. Zane's Day. But, as I believe you can't be living and be a Saint, I'm in no rush.

Additionally, Saint Patrick's Day can fall on any day of the week, whereas Zane Patrick's Day is on a Saturday. Other than that... Hmm... I guess it's the same thing. Sweet.

I don't know what you're doing on St. Patrick's Day, so I can't break down the 17th for you. But, I can break down your Zane Patrick's Day, if you're planning on being with me on the 14th...

My Zane Patrick's Day party is happening at The Knitting Factory in NYC
  • 12pm-2pm VIP Luncheon
  • 2pm-7pm Doors Open
Everybody gets:
  • OPEN BAR (including Guinness, Jameson's, Bushmills, Bailey's and Killian's)
  • ZANE! On the stage, in the crowd and in your photos
  • Music by the killer Irish band JAMESON'S REVENGE
  • A "performance" by STEVE MCKENNA (if you heard about him at New Years, you know he puts on quite a show. Unfortunately, it involves a bit of chest hair.)
  • Challenge JIM-THE-COP in a chugging contest. He'll set the time to beat. But you won't need the luck of the Irish on your side, because he's not very good...
  • Dave Hill, from MOJO's "King of Miami", will be doing his thang. Don't know what his thang is? Me neither. I'm frightened...
  • DJ SHAM-ROCK (aka DJ Merenda) mixing it up on the one's and two's.
  • Access to the GREEN ROOM for GREEN BEER! Awesome...
Three Sheets fans are the coolest people in the world. And I should know. I've met a lot of Three Sheets fans AND been around the world. All of the events I've had have been amazing, and many people have told me that they had "the best time ever". I can't wait!

For more info, or to buy your ticket, go to




Good Burp said...

HUGE fam of Zane. I hope he finds a home soon. Too bad Zane Patrick's Day is so far away or I would be there!

Eli the Mad Man said...

I'm with ya GB! I thought or sure the show would have been picked up by someone by now, but man... it ain't lookin good.

Love to go tot he Zane Patrick's Day as well. My wife and I almost went to the Zane Year's Eve party in LA, but didn't. We really want to go to one of these things before they die off as well.