Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How Stuff Works - Beer!

How Stuff Works on Discovery Channel (home of Dirty Jobs, MythBusters, Man vs. Wild, etc.) is a program that shows folks how a vast number of ordinary things - work.

Well, this Thursday (that would be tomorrow) HSW will focus on the essentials of beer making. Throughout the hour long program numerous experts, brew masters and beer connoisseurs talk about how they are innovating new ways to make beer.

One of those experts is local (to Coloradans) Beer Rockstar, Charlie Papazian. According to an article he wrote on his National Beer Examiner column the producers of the show spent the day with Charlie at his home over the summer. During their visit they filmed his hop garden, homebrew “garage,” beer stash and sampled several brews while he told them “how beer works.”

Another expert on the show will be brewunderkind Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing Company in Delaware. If you're looking for a totally different kind of beer... Dogfish is the brewery that makes it.

Be sure to check out the HSW website because there are several links to some really interesting beer articles, such as: "Find out how the first beer can was introduced by the American Can Co. and Krueger Brewing Co. of New Jersey."

What: "How Stuff (Beer) Works"
Airs: Thursday, December 18 @ 8:00 PM
Re-Airs: Friday, December 19 @ Midnight
Friday, January 2 @ 6:00 PM


The Foaming Head said...

Thanks for the heads up Eli! Just programmed the TiVO to record it!

Eli the Mad Man said...

You bet guys! Ya, this should be a really good show.

Thanks for reading! ;)