Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cicerones in the making!


A Cicerone (pronounced sis-uh-rohn) is one who has proven expertise in beers. Think the beery version of a wine "sommelier." The titles “Certified Cicerone” and “Master Cicerone” are protected certification trademarks and can only be used by those who have passed the requisite test of knowledge and tasting skill.

Yes... even you can become one!

Ray Daniels, a legend in the beer industry, is the man behind the Cicerone plan. He'll be on the West Coast in November to conduct Certified Cicerone exams as well as a workshop. Exams are scheduled as follows:
  • San Diego (Stone World Bistro and Beer Garden) - Nov 15*
  • Berkeley/Oakland (More Beer) - Nov 16
  • Seattle (Pike Brewery) - Nov 17
* A Certified Cicerone "prep" class will be held during the morning of the 15th. This course will run from 9 am to noon during which time key content from the Certified Cicerone exam will be covered (from draught system parts and operation to beer styles, off-flavors, brewing and beer & food pairing). The 3-hour course is designed to provide a quick overview of the exam and help you gauge whether or not you're ready for this most difficult exam.

Awesome! But I don't live on the West coast! Well, my Cicerone wannabe... you are in luck! Ray will be conducting two Midwest Certified Cicerone exams in November as well:
  • Ann Arbor (Vinology) - Nov 9 (11 am - 3 pm)
  • Chicago (Siebel Institute) - Nov 23 (11 am - 3 pm)
Sadly, I'm not SMRT to take this test, but I bet some of you are! If you're interested register through the exam site.

Contact Ray Daniels if you have any questions or wish to reserve a spot in the class. Ray can be reached at

Good luck!

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