Friday, August 22, 2008

Send me your beers!

Friends, Brewers, Cerevisaphiles, send me your brews; I come to drink your beers not to pour them out. The evil that unclean vessels can do lives on in the beer, and the good is oft interred with the wort; so let it be with bad beer. The noble Brewer hath told us he was ambitious. If it were so… HE’D SEND ME SOME!

Blah blah blah… that ancient tongue is tough. I can only do so much with it!

By now you know I'm not a shy guy. I like beer and I like trying a lot of different beer. So I'm sending out a call: Brewmeisters... I want your beer in my belly! Send me your delish brew and it will get written about/reviewed/referred to (or shunned if it's nasty) by moi -- The Mad Beer Man -- here on this blog as well as on the handful of other sites I perform my own "stylish" personal brand of commentary for.

Shameless self promotion from a shameless self promoter! Wooohooo!

That's right, I'm pimpin' out my beer belly!

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