Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Medical Misnomers: Beer is Bad for you!

You know the "great" thing about medical studies? They're almost always wrong. Kind of like weathermen. One month a study will say "so and so" (take your pick, it happens to virtually everything) is bad for you, the next they say "oh no, we were wrong, it's actually good for." Then it's back to being bad for you. WTF?! How did they become doctors again?

Case in point: beer (and pork rinds)!

According to a study of over 18,000 men conducted by Brainiacs at Harvard they found those who had an average of two drinks every single day, five to seven days a week mind you, had the LOWEST risk of heart attack. THE LOWEST! Additionally, some Smarty Pants at the University of Buffalo found that men who sucked that same amount of suds every day had lower levels of abdominal fat than those who had four drinks at a time, once or twice a week. LOWER!

HA! Is it a shock? Nope. I mean, look at how many decades the nutrition pyramid was WRONG. So go ahead, toss in a cold one or two into your daily diet. I know I am.

BREAKING NEWS! New Belgium Brewing is releasing their flagship beer, Fat Tire, in cans starting Monday. Denver and Ft. Collins will be the first to get them, followed by the rest of the state, then the country! *Big thanks to John "The Beer Hermit" Morrissey (the Foam on the Range beer ranger) for dropping me the 411 about this!


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