Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Sheets away from St. Patty's Day

More than a few times in this space I've ranted and raved about a show called Three Sheets. In my humble opinion it's the best show on TV. Yes, it's a show about drinking and pub crawling. And no, it's not a show about - or for - alcoholics... we prefer to call ourselves "professional drinkers" (more on that later).

So if your snobbish sensibilities have already caused you to turn your nose up at it (and me)... go away. Why are you reading my blog?

Three Sheets is hosted by a fellow who in my estimation has the single greatest job in the history of mankind. Yes, you read that right... the greatest job ever in the history of men having jobs. Why? The incomparably funny Zane Lamprey gets paid to travel around the globe (the above picture was taken in my ancestral home of Croatia) and drink in bars. He also gets paid to travel around the globe and eat in exotic locales (via his show on the Food Network, Have Fork Will Travel). His job is better than yours. It's better than mine. It's better than being the Pope, the President or the guy who gets to shoot all the pictures for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues.

Yes. I have a man-crush on Zane Lamprey. It's totally platonic mind you as my lederhosen don't swing that way. But the man is my frickin' hero. If you've never seen the show... now's your time to hope aboard the Zane Train. The Mojo Network (where this glorious should-be award-wining show airs) is having a St. Patty's Day Marathon. Because really... every one's three sheets (and Irish) on St. Patty's Day!

PS. The new season of Three Sheets starts on April 10 (three days after my birthday)! WOOOHOOO!!

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