Thursday, February 28, 2008

Down... but not out

I'm still alive. Barely.

I started feeling the onset of "sick" last Friday morning. Knowing that I had to go up to Denver Saturday and Sunday for the prestigous Wynkoop Beerdrinker of the Year awards I pounded every over-the-counter med I could get my hands on.

Fran and I (along with our friend Stevie Chips) made it up there, but boy did I pay the price. I've been sick as a (Hair of the) dog since Sunday morning. I'm just now starting to come out of the funk enough to sit down at the PC for more than a few minutes. Rest assured, I'll be back in the beer drinking saddle with a complete write up, photos and video from the very cool and unique event up at Wynkoops soon. A lot has gone on in the beer world this week... so I have lots to catch up on.

Until then... Zivjeli!

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