Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now that's pounding some beer!

DAS BOOT 2 Liter Beer 48 Seconds - Click here for more home videos

My good buddy Dieter, co-owner of Edelweiss German Restaurant (which I named in my Southern Colorado Beer Examiner column as having the Best German beer selection in Southern Colorado) sent this video to me. It's a clip of a guy drinking a 2-liter (68 ounces) Das Boot in a mind blowing 48 seconds. Check it out. I give this guy mad props. That's not something I'd want to try.

As I told Dieter... my forte is drinking large quantities, but not in a minute. See, I have somewhat of a reputation at Edelweiss. At their Rathskeller grand opening party I consumed nearly 7 liters of German beer (Franziskaner and Erdinger) while remaining rational, talkative, and coherent.

I've now amazed Germans and Bostonians alike for the amount of their respective beers (Hefe and Guinness) I can consume in one sitting while remaining upright and breathing. I'm Croat and Russian, what do you expect? And yes... I am boasting about my drinking prowess. Remember, I'm in training for THE Oktoberfest in Munich. I have legitimate reasons to drink that much beer. I must represent the good ole USA when I'm over there. I can't very cave in after one measly liter!

Edelweiss has a massive 5-liter stein that I'd love to go up against. Sadly, it's cracked and can't be used. However, they do have a 2-liter, and I've tackled that a time or two. The 1-year anniversary of Edelweiss' Rathskeller is right around the corner....

I hear Das Boot calling me.


Beer Expedition said...

Wow, I that seems like it would be a boot to the head. (pun intended) I don't see how you an enjoy the beer drinking it like that thought.

Eli the Mad Man said...

Hahaha! Ya, I'm with ya man. I never even understood that mentality in college. I did a beer bong or two in my day (with crap beer), but rather enjoyed running slow and steady during most sessions.

Still, this is a pretty cool feat (badabing!) all the same. ;)